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With today’s technology, students can get overwhelmed. Many researchers, teachers, scholars and students all see the pros and cons that come with technology and it’s involvement in the classroom.

The best statement that precisely describes what uPundit objectives and solution are was made during an April 9th, 2016 CNN interview on Fareed Zakaria GPS. Andrew McAfee¹, a principal research scientist at MIT, said “We are on the break off for the very first time in human history, interconnecting the majority of a human being with a pretty powerful device. Giving them access to a good chunk of the world accumulative knowledge, and letting them contribute to that knowledge.

¹uPundit does not have any association with Mr. McAfee.

The educators are talking about it

Judith Sedaitis – a professor at Berkeley College in NYC

We spoke with Judith Sedaitis about the fundamentals of researching. Judith is a professor at Berkeley College in New York City and teaches a sociology course that incorporates research into her curriculum. She explains the different types of research conducted in academia and what can be some of the challenges.”

Nathalie Horowitz Mehler, a Ph.D. Graduate from Columbia University

Nathalie Horowitz-Mehler is a recent Ph.D. Graduate from Columbia University and now works as an Executive Director at a Consulting Company. Nathalie explains her experience while she was conducting her dissertation and the process she had to undergo while doing research. She explains how she would use uPundit and how nowadays people connect through the internet to create communities that allow people to exchange information.

The students can’t wait to have it

Cris Mercado from the City University of New York

Cris Mercado attended the City University of New York (CUNY) and was a Ph.D. Candidate at the age of 21. He has dedicated his time as an afterschool coordinator earning over a million dollars in scholarships. He is currently the creator of the startup KeyJargon that focuses on guiding recent college graduates in the right career path.

Ruben Solano from Bronx Science High School in NYC

Ruben Solano is a senior at Bronx Science High School in NYC, and his favorite subjects are math and physics. He recently scored 2190 on his SATs and is passionate about studying aerospace engineering at Massachusettes Institute of Technology (M.I.T).

Anto Gharibian from Baruch College

Anto Gharibian describes his experience as a finance student at Baruch College and how researching took a toll on him while working on papers for his classes. He expresses that the time spent on meticulous research can instead be spent on other classes and what you’re learning.

Marianna Luna from the New School

Marianna Luna is a graduate student at the New School getting her degree in Media/Art Studies. She explains her experience gathering sources for homework/finals and discusses the importance of having a mobile-friendly database application that allows you to collect sources at the touch of a button.

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